Exhaust order

You can place an order on this page.

Important notice before placing an order

You have multiple types of exhausts to choose from. If you place your order, I will receive an e-mail, and I will reply to your e-mail address as soon as possible including an estimated date of completion, the total price of your order, and information about your payment options (you have to pay in advance). The total price includes every cost, including the price of international shipping. We accept payments by bank transfer or via PayPal. We will only start processing your order as soon as we receive your payment. If you have placed the order and sent the payment, you have nothing else to do than waiting for the exhaust to be completed and shipped.

The time needed to make the exhaust will depend on the number of current orders.

By clicking on the Order exhaust button, you can see a larger picture of each exhaust.

By placing the order, you accept the following conditions and information:

  • The exhausts are made for hobby and racing purposes. The seller does not have any responsibility for any other type of usage, or problems coming from that. 
  • Firstly, you have to choose the type of the exhaust, and after that, you have to choose the bike you need the exhaust for and fill the needed options in the form as well as your shipping details. This will finalize your order.
  • If you need a more unique design, have any special requests or want something to be made from the “Pictures” page, please contact us for more information.
  • The name of the exhausts are fictional.
  • Since the exhausts are made in a different angle and size compared to the original design, a custom way to mount the rear mounting plate is needed, and since the custom made exhausts are thicker than the original ones, in some cases the position of the kickstarter has to be changed.
  • The exhausts will have an oil coating applied before shipping, burning it in or applying any other type of coating (if needed) will be your task.

Exhaust types

“Elbowless” exhaust
Base price: 150 €
“Original-like” exhaust
Base price: 180 €
“Simple” exhaust
Base price: 180 €
“Eggplant” exhaust
Base price: 180 €
“Banana” exhaust
Base price: 180 €
“Extra Banana” exhaust
Base price: 200 €
“OReso” exhaust
Base price: 200 €
“Enduro” exhaust
Base price: 200 €
“GP” exhaust
Base price: 200 €
“Cross” exhaust
Base price: 240 €
“Snake 1” exhaust
Base price: 240€
“Snake 2” exhaust
Base price: 260 €
“Snake 3” exhaust
Base price: 240 €
“Star K2” exhaust
Base price: 260€
“Star K3” exhaust
Base price: 280 €
“Star K4” exhaust
Base price: 280€